To acquire the human power which has a high level of education, open to innovations, energetic, capable of doing team work which has a potential to develop itself and business, responsible for society, respectful of moral values, to embrace the philosophy of contemporary, unconditional customer satisfaction, to ensure continuous improvement of employees, gain different vision, skills and technical knowledge, highly qualified employees, who are the most valuable source of our group who compete against time and always aim to win change is to ensure that the personal targets are united at the highest point with organizational goals by constantly improving the knowledge, skill potentials and performances in the ready environment.

Our goal is to ensure that the KoçSistem we celebrate for the 71st year is better served by the continuity of its success and development. KoçSistem is aware that this can only be done with its employees. It aims to improve its employees with continuous training programs, effective performance and reward systems.

KoçSistem believes in the importance of Human Resources Management as it is aware of its success and development with qualified human resources.

Our Culture

Anybody who is enthusiastic about exploring innovations and wants to learn more to move himself or herself and his or her job the furthest is here. We are here because primarily the secret of KoçSistem’s success that grabs us by touching from at least one point of our life by providing high technology services lies up in its value to our life.

Applications regarding Human Resources are also designed to sustain this value. It provides living areas with self-improving, creative, constructive, instructive and colorful areas for everybody who unconditionally gives his customer priority, never gives up trying to reach the conclusion, appreciates, believes the infinite development and adds plus value to society.

Our Career Journey

We are together in our career journey we proceed with the excitement of exploring new ways everyday. We are happy to accompany your career journey from the very first moment. In order to add value to your career journey, we aim to accompany you by human resources applications that provide unity from recruitment to orientation, from the evaluation of performance and talent to wages and vested benefits policies, from specialist training to programs about life.

Through this journey, by adding changing and developing technologies into our new human resources applications we aim to simplify our lives.


During our recruitment processes we give priority to let all our candidates have a good experience. On all our stages we adopt an understanding to let our candidates get a positive acquisition

We evaluate the results based on technical and competence interviews, technical tests and personality inventory together.

We proceed with an inventory application that evaluates executive talents within executive roles.

Remuneration and Vested Benefits

Fee package consists of Flextra that we can manage our salary, bonus, financial aid package and vested benefits according to our needs.

How are salary payments?

Figured out as 16 gross payments.(4 bonuses are paid every month by adding on salary.)

What is Social Help Package?

  • Every month fuel aid
  • Allowance on both Eid
  • Allowance in July for vacation.
  • Allowance for children up to three.
  • Financial aid for children’s education on secondary, high school or University once a year
  • Financial aid in case of marriage, birth and death.
  • Membership of all employees below thirty five to Koç foundation.(wage cut with the amount that is determined by Koç foundation is collected in the account in the name of the employee and in case of quitting work it is paid to the employee in different conditions according to his or her rank in the company)
  • Koç Allianz Health insurance is provided to employee and his or her family optionally depending on Koç Foundation. Besides, personal accident insurance is provided to each employee.

What is Flextra that has extra?

Do you want to do shopping? Or do you want to have a nice holiday? or maybe rent a car? What you need is in Flextra

It is a special package that we can manage as we want and choose our vested benefits according to our needs.

We make a choice freely to enrich this package that provides wide range of extras from technology to health, shopping to renting a car with plus contribution to KoçSistem.

Those Who Enliven Our Life
Our Development Journey
For The New Starters: Level-Up
Young people who are ready to start a journey to explore business and informatics world meet at Level-up.
KoçSistem gives opportunities to students who are on their third or fourth year at university with KoçSistem Level Up internship and part-time work program. It sets out an exploring, experiencing and developing journey in business world and informatics sector. Those who join Level Up both invest for their future and start on business and informatics world strongly.
Those Who Enliven Our Life
From activities full of entertainment to sports, from corporate social responsibilities to instant surprises life’s all colors are here !
With K.A.T. ( KoçSistem Activity Society) ,from entertaining activities in the office to trips, from concerts to discover different tastes, we do everything that you say you don’t have opportunity to do while you are working by the employee’s platform who love to add taste, entertainment, color, music and art to life.
Our Development Journey
To learn non-stop, share our learning, develop and enhance, KoçSistem Academy is available.
KoçSistem Academy, since the first day we started our work, has been pacing the first step of our development journey with us.
“Starring character is yours” orientation program presents all data sincerely which will guide us during our journey.