Our History

KoçSistem Information and Communication Services Inc. which has Turkey’s most established and leader local capital was founded as Koç Trade Office Requisites Inc. by a representation agreement with US based Burroughs Company in 1945.

Our company which has been leading the pioneering position in the market and following the innovations in the world since the day it was founded has shaped its structure according to market requirements over the years depending on the developments.

The company became an independent company in 1962 to meet market expectations better and continued its activities in the computer sector under the name of Koç-Burroughs.

After Burroughs merged with Sperry Univac, the leading American computer company in 1986,in the direction of their title Unisys ( United Information Systems) , in 1987 the name of Koç Burroughs was renewed as Koç-Unisys. With this agreement, Unisys’s management of all activities in Turkey has begun to take place under the responsibility of only our company.

Over the next decade for the variety of brands in the product range and to provide brand-independent solutions and to align with vision for system integration projects, the name of Koç Unisys changed as KoçSistem in 1997.

KoçSistem, which has over 70 years operating in the sector and 100 % domestically owned by Koç Group, is a well-established leader company in information technologies.

KoçSistem, which plays a leading role in the digital transformation of companies, offers many products and services such as objects internet, large data & analytical, security, enterprise cloud, enterprise mobility, business solutions and digital workforce RPA.

Development of the Company

KoçSistem which contributes to competitiveness of customers with business understanding and employees based on business excellence, and experience in technology is a pioneer in information technology and communication field.

Koçsistem ,within the framework of the law on the support of research and development activities numbered 5746 ,was eligible to receive official permission in general in Turkey the 16 th and in software the first R&D center in 2009. In the R&D and innovation center with more than 100 employees it has been doing research- development and innovation studies in the field of information technology.

KoşSistem establishes sustainable relationships with the most important technology centers of the world with R&D projects that are the opening gate to global market.

R&D and innovation center located first in the field of software in Turkey carries out projects that provide competitive advantage with its engineers who produce solutions for tomorrows needs today serving the sector and the development of our country.

The first product developed in the context of these studies was Pixage, a digital published software. Pixage, Turkey’s first digital publishing software titles developed one hundred percent with local contributions, won the technology solution award of the year in Europe in 2012. It passed its global journey in Europe in many stadiums especially England and Germany with the digital publishing product Pixage.

2012 was a year for KoçSistem when it won several awards and achievements. KoçSistem that received human resources award of the year from The Stevie Awards was also the first Turkish company to win” A Reputation and Brand Management” award.

KoçSistem, starting “virtual data center” which was the first self-service cloud computing service in 2010, is also a pioneer in this area. This service, which is an alternative to physical server usage, provides information and storage resources to customers on monthly payments. In order to provide better services to the customers in line with the development of company technology and new trends ,the company has expanded its service portfolio in cloud computing and brought these services under the name Maximus brand in 2012.

According to IDC data KoçSistem is a market leader in IT services in Turkey and got first place in IT 500, system integrator/ service subcategory, consultancy and hosting management, cloud service category. It was in final in innovative creative awards by TESİD with remote counter reading product, and was among national champions in environmental and corporate sustainability category in European Business Awards. KoçSistem which celebrated its 72 th year in information technology sector in 2017 expanded the service portfolio by technology- focused business solutions and strategic collaboration and has achieved growth by 20%.

According to the IDC’s report in 2017 company’s enterprise cloud computing services brand Maximus with 11% market share is among the major players in the enterprise cloud market in Turkey.

KoçSistem which registered its success in cloud market with the first category of “the best commercial sector sample case” has the right to represent our country in Euro Cloud 2013. Our company that offers HR cloud payroll management service has also launched the first cloud human resources practices with this product in Turkey.

Another important activity that left a mark on KoçSistem in 2012 was the establishment of the first foreign company in Azerbaijan. As a result of studies that koçSistem conducted in Azerbaijan has signed successful projects with leading institutions of the country such as Azerinteltek and Azerfon; in 2015 founded the first abroad R&D center in Baku.

KoçSistem is one of the companies which received a special integration right in the field of e-billing from the head of revenue administration. It has taken ISO 22301 business continuity management certificate to reveal the difference in this area. KoçSistem that provides e-billing solution with cloud architecture model, also continued to expand e-government portfolio with e-notebook and e-archive.

KoçSistem that has ability to predict and follow risks and present them at the right time with investments in the field of managed security services opened the security operation center to service. The company has reached its competence to manage all of the services in this area from a single center while it is addressing this end-to-end service.

In corporate risk management applications with internationally accredited data centers in Ankara and Istanbul a large number of customer business continuity and disaster recovery services are also provided by KoçSistem.

Through corporation in Turkey’s largest data center İstanbul One’s project with Zenium Technology Partners from the world’s leading data center companies has earned one of the biggest investments made by an international company.

KoçSistem, in İstanbul One completed in 2015, offers hosted and managed service solutions for companies that need massive leasing and system management in large volumes.

KoçSistem is digitalizing the total value chain from customer’s supply chain to customer experience with proactive products and services it offers according to the needs of sectors for its customers in banking, telecom, retail, energy, durable goods, automotive, public, insurance and many other sectors. KoçSistem carries sectors into future with its innovative solutions and technologies.

KoçSistem that develops strong strategic partnerships with the world’s biggest technology producers creates an effective ecosystem by combining its customers’ need on the digital transformation journey with the right business partners.

KoçSistem is ready for new transformations with its R&D and innovation power that directs technology and market focus product management, value-creating for customers, sectoral perspective that sheds light on the future.