Corporate Social Responsibility

The KoçSistem “Family Hour” Project

KoçSistem intends to increase the public awareness regarding healthy use of technology within the family through the Family Hour social responsibility project supported by its educational partner, the Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV). KoçSistem started the #haydikapatalım (let’s turn it off) movement within the scope of the Family Hour project as the first step, inviting parents to take a Family Hour break for no more than one hour between 19:00 - 20:00 every day. KoçSistem calls the parents to turn off all screens and spend time with their children at “screen free” activities during this time inside or outside their homes.

KoçSistem, together with its educational partner AÇEV, will open 94 courses in various districts of Istanbul and Izmir as part of the Family Hour project and reach to 1,330 parents and their children aged 3 to 11 years. The courses will also include the technology module within the scope of the AÇEV Mom & Dad Support Programs and continue for a period of one year starting from 20 September 2019. During the courses to be organized within the context of the Family Hour initiative, technological competencies of the parents will be supported, and they will be encouraged to quality use of the family time they spend with their children. The KoçSistem Volunteers, especially the educators, will also mentor the parents about the use of technology. The KoçSistem Volunteers will also teach the families a variety of games enabling the parents to spend fun time with their children.

I Support Gender Equality for My Country

“For My Country” Project is an umbrella project that intends to foster a sense of social responsibility among the companies, employees, dealers and suppliers of Koç Holding. The aim of the project whose theme changes biennially is to cultivate a more participatory attitude towards social problems and launch projects that raise life standards by supporting local development.

The theme of the “For My Country Project” for 2015-2017 is “Gender Equality.” The objective of Koç Holding is to raise public awareness about the reasons and consequences of gender inequality and to set a role model by developing a more egalitarian approach in business culture and social life within a holistic perspective.

As part of the “For My Country” Project, KoçSistem continues training and other activities to create an egalitarian society and world, to develop and raise a solid sense of awareness of Gender Equality both on individual and corporate levels.


Launched by United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (UN Women), HeForShe is a solidarity movement that calls on men of all ages to pioneer advocacy of gender equality and women’s rights.

Signatory to “Women’s Empowerment Principles”, the joint text of UN Women and United Nations Global Compact, Koç Holding is listed among the 10 Impact Champions on a global scale as part of the HeForShe campaign run by UN Women.

The main idea behind the campaign is that gender equality is an issue that concerns not just women but the entire society at large and a society that achieves gender equality will serve the interests of both men and women in social, political and economic realms.

KoçSistem continues to carry out activities under the HeForShe campaign. We call on men to represent change for women’s rights and become signatories at