e-Government Products

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With KoçSistem e-government product family, e-billing, e-notebook, e-archive invoices are no longer a
problem and they are starting to become comfort. Thanks to the infrastructure and software power of KoçSistem, it guarantees that it is stored and accessible throughout the legal period.

Solutions compatible with the Revenue Administration Presidency

The KoçSistem home product family facilitates your business with the following product-based functions, as well as compliance with and continual updating of the Revenue Administration Presidency.



  • Automatically account for your incoming and outgoing invoices in your ERP / accounting program
  • Creating a manual invoice with the portal
  • Bulk billing with Portal (Revenue Administration Portal standard)
  • Integration and monitoring with ERP / Accounting systems
  • Electronic invoice storage service
  • Unlimited user identification and authorization
  • Easy user authentication interface
  • Automatic invoice confirmation / signing
  • Inbound / outbound billing management


  • Full integration with ERP / Accounting program.
  • Create error-free notebooks with book data checks.
  • Book traceability with end-to-end tracking.
  • Possibility of booklet sending with trial balance
  • Easy search by accessing the desired journal record with document number by advanced search.


  • Full integration with ERP / Accounting program.
  • Case Integration with real-time billing capability
  • Creating a manual invoice with the portal.
  • Monitoring the life cycles of bills.
  • Delivery of invoices to customers via e-mail.
  • With advanced e-mail tracking; as well as reading e-mail.
  • Customer is guaranteed to get it in the inbox.
  • Ability to report to the Revenue Administration on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.
  • Report reconciliation with ERP system. 

Basic Features of e-Government Products

  • Cost advantage with cloud based management and access from anywhere.
  • Increased speed and efficiency with mobile support in all processes and screens.
  • Business continuity guarantee through strong KoçSistem infrastructure.
  • Enterprise-quality application support service.
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