Business Process Management

Enterprise Process Management

Enterprise Process Management is a method that takes a holistic approach to the work done within the organization in order to model the way of doing business. BPM (Business Process Management) simply means process management. It is the entire management system that enables the definition, development and monitoring of existing business processes. It allows you to use your resources with maximum efficiency. BPM aims to model the processes of the enterprises, manage the processes over a centralized system, and to monitor the process performance. Once the BPM performance criteria are identified, performance follow-up of individuals can be carried out easily.

BPM Systems

BPM systems; aim to model processes in a fast, flexible and easy way. It is aimed to take the processes under control, to standardize the way of doing business, and to present a structure that will allow the identification of the failing aspects of the processes. BPM features an infrastructure of ready-to-use components. These infrastructures and components are tailored according to the processes of the companies and applications put in use.

Expectations of Companies

Expectations of Companies

  • Controlling the processes
  • Facilitating process improvement actions
  • Performance monitoring
  • Ensuring activity and competence tracking and standardizing the work done within the enterprise.
KoçSistem Approach

KoçSistem Approach

With their broad knowledge and experience, KoçSistem consultants have developed process consultancy and process management applications for many different customers in the private and public sectors. KoçSistem management consultants analyzed the As-Is and To-Be processes of companies, and undertook many different projects on improving and automating processes, including solving complex problems.

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