Consultancy Services

Service Details

Service Details

Installation Services: With the extended service network of 81 cities, hardware and software installation of all devices is performed as soon as possible.

IOS and MacOS Consultancy Services: Producer-certified consultants ensure your company's IOS and MacOS conversions smoothly and with optimum suitability to company processes.

Mobile Device Management Applications Consulting Services: It enables the installation and deactivation of the applications required for the management of the mobile devices that employees use, as well as the needs that will arise at the time of use.

Client Management Applications Consultancy Services: Provides the installation and commissioning of applications used for management of running devices, inventories, assets and images.

Main Features of Consultancy Services

  • Provides fast installation services with a competent service network spread out by 81.
  • There are competent cadres certified by producers.
  • Many clients provide the most suitable solutions for your company with gained experience.
  • Increases employee satisfaction with innovative applications.
  • Provides maximum control over employee inventories.
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