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What is Blockchain?

It’s a technology that enables the safe transfer of valuable data, such as business contracts, ID, money, etc. It’s a technology designed to safely store and transfer valuable data (money, ID, valuables, etc.)


A distributed database that provides encrypted transaction monitoring

Removing third persons and institutions, it allows consumers and producers to connect directly with each other.


Allows operations without being connected to a center

Thanks to the 'Open Book', which uses the help of cryptography, transactions are performed safely and are accessible to everyone.


Changing past records becomes impossible

Each piece of information is recorded in a chain and in blocks connected to each other by means of advanced encryption algorithms.

Solutions Offered By KoçSistem with Blockchain

1Foreign Trade Process Optimization

The switch to a Blockchain-based digital structure to overcome the difficulties of having multiple institutions involved in the process of international transport and foreign trade seems inevitable. This will bypass national regulations and the inefficiencies brought by the related customs document processes, saving time and increasing productivity.

2Supply Chain Solution

Everybody knows the difficulties of managing the supply chain: production, tracking orders, managing inventory, making deliveries, cutting invoices and making payments. When we want to eliminate this crowd of documentation and recording, Blockchain technology gives us advantages which improve efficiency and provide convenience improving the processes. The fixed business records that make up the chain also provide the parties with security that improves the account balance process.

3Smart Contracts

Intelligent contracts are different from the known classical contracts and consist of prewritten computer source code held in a distributed Blockchain-based book. Each step in the contractual relationship takes place with the control of this computer program, and the execution of the contract is automatically performed by the process. Mutual trust, efficiency and transparency are ensured by the contract rules and information stored in a distributed manner with Blockchain technology.

4Digital identity

Every institution requires some kind of personal information sharing according to their own rules for every operation performed such as banking transactions, insurance services, educational services, processes in governmental institutions, loyalty program processes, and e-commerce transactions. Each institution makes their users/customers fill in and sign many printed documents during these processes. With a consensus structure running on blockchain technology, it is possible for the user to register themselves in the system once in the beginning and then be able to perform other transactions with the relevant institution without having to identify themselves again and again. Improvement and increased efficiency can be achieved in institutional processes by including this structure.

Future Technologies with KoçSistem

In cooperation with the leading universities and companies of Turkey and Europe, the KoçSistem R & D and Innovation Center is working with over 100 R & D engineers to lead the projects that will reveal the technologies of the future. Accordingly, we are going deeper in the direction of developing our competency in human resources, our biggest investment, into projects that will apply Blockchain technologies into different sectors.

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