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What Is RPA?

RPA is a construct designed to imitate the same motion as the person interacting with the software interface. It is the software that makes robots perform the standard processes which exist in the processes of companies without interpretation or creating excess work load.


RPA applications enable business and employee digitalization, zero errors in processes, compliance with regulations and high ROI, cost reduction and increased productivity by converting business knowledge into business processes. It offers firms flexibility and the possibility of multi-tasking virtual employees. RPA applications, which enable rapid integration and easy updating thanks to cloud management, operate according to customer needs in many different industries. It can monitor workload distribution by providing real-time monitoring in all processes executed, and in possible error situations, call for user intervention and generate anautomatic alert. Thanks to this process monitoring, it can report where which user made which error inwhich process. Since robot software runs in the framework of specific rules, it works with zero error.

KoçSistem Solutions

The KoçSistem team provides information on the RPA and the candidate processes for the client’s RPA are consolidated. Through workshops, processes are prioritized according to ROI / Value Added. Selected processes are videoed, reviewed and transformed into action steps by consultants. Agreements on work steps are reached and the necessary software is developed. The customer uses the RPA as needed and the job is completed. Our goal is to complete the whole process within 1 month using robot software.

KoçSistem Solutions

With the rental model, there is no need to make huge investments. RPA robots are created as needed to provide cost advantages. In our system, one robot does not have to be dedicated to one job. It can do multiple jobs with the help of robot orchestration, thus KoçSistem robots can do more work than their competitors. Robots are located in a secure data center in Turkey and they are used via the cloud. The KoçSistem expert advisor team adds a holistic perspective that brings together experiences from different sectors.

Automotive & Manufacture

Request approval and process invoices in purchasing, online tracking of exchange rate transactions, calculation of raw material prices, real-time monitoring of processes, logistics tracking and customs procedures, inventory control and management.



Policy creation, cancellation and tracking, bulk payments and recoveries, document control assurance, automatic reporting processes, refund transactions, data transfer operations, data comparison and calculation, automation of SMS and mail sending processes, report downloading processes, exchange rate entry processes, commission transactions.

Human Resources

Employee data entry and data transfer, offer letters, audit trail preparation, on-boarding, performance assessment management, updating position changes.


Optimization of procurement and bidding processes, instant sales data tracking, up-to-date sales data reporting, sales order creation, payment methods, purchasing processes, order tracking and reporting.

Banking & Finance

Repetitive accounting transactions, data entry and invoice tracking, automatic tax calculation, account creation, account balancing processes, credit processes, provisioning, document control, VAT reporting, purchase sales order creation, fraud detection.

Information Technologies

Help desk support answers, follow-up, password reset and authorization checks, archiving of mails, automatic backup, system maintenance and error reporting.

Supply Chain

Material purchase request approvals and invoice processing, calculation of raw material prices, logistics follow-up reporting, and data transfer.

Customer Services

Call Center Operations, SMS and e-mail sending.

Finance and Financial Affairs

Repetitive accounting, data entry, and invoice processing, data transfer.

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