Industry 4.0

Digitalizing Production, Smart Efficiency

Digitalizing Production, Smart Efficiency

At KoçSistem, we have an Industry 4.0 focus that prioritizes and concentrates on IoT, Big Data & Analysis, Security, Cloud, and Integration areas.

In the light of our experience, our vision includes the digitalization of the whole value chain from the supply chain to the customer experience, which exactly matches up with Industry 4.0. In this sense, we regard Industry 4.0 as a much broader scale of the work that we have carried out so far and that we continue to pursue with a nationwide plan.

For us, Industry 4.0 isn’t just the production line at the factory. We consider the production of tomatoes in the field, the digitalization of tea purchases, and the establishment of analytical solutions for store shifts within the scope of Industry 4.0. We think that the main thing is to produce value and that the entire value chain needs to be digitalized. All environmental factors and processes affecting production and triggering production management must be renewed and smartened in this context.

KoçSistem's Industry 4.0 Solutions

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 will be possible with digitalization. Digitalization is the locomotive of sustainable economic growth and social development with the increased performance and efficiency it provides in every sector.

Even if Industry 4.0 is a new production concept coming along with artificial intelligence and robots, it represents the transformation of the entire sector. From this aspect, since it will completely change industrial production logic, for developing countries such as Turkey it contains as many serious threats as it does opportunities.

For developing countries such as Turkey, it contains as many serious threats as it does opportunities.

With emphasis on R & D, encouraging the market’s industrial co-operation, and support for scientific institutions, the Industry 4.0 revolution can be achieved.

It is impossible to talk about a full value chain unless it keeps up with Industry 4.0. KoçSistem's projects, products and solutions have created significant value in different sectors of the value chain.

Regarding the Internet of the things inside Industry 4.0, KoçSistem has 1.8 million sensors in different factories. With 1.8 million sensors, KoçSistem can measure how hard robots tighten the screws in an automotive factory.

KoçSistem serves a company working in the agriculture sector. KoçSistem manages the automation of the process of harvesting crops in the field. The factory doing this saves up to 18 percent in capacity occupancy, 30 percent in quality and up to 40 percent in harvesting costs compared to one not doing this. Even the smallest percentages of savings are incredible in production due to the narrowing of margins around the world.

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