Smart City, Smart Future

Cities adapt to digital transformation

Cities adapt to digital transformation

Together with Turkey's growing digital population, cities are also adapting to this transformation. Tomorrow's smart cities are being built on foundations of people, energy, environment, safety, transportation, economy and governance. In the framework of these components, we are actualizing the digital transformation of cities with our products and services together facilitating the lives of our citizens.

We lead the technology of future

We lead the technology of future

With our R & D and Innovation Center, we are leading the projects that will reveal the technology of the future in collaboration with the prominent universities of Turkey and Europe. Together with our business partners, KoçSistem, which is %100 Turkish, is producing suitable solutions to sectors’ needs with our sub-ecosystem solutions like smart campuses, smart hotels, smart marinas, smart industrial areas, and smart agriculture.

Solutions Offered By KoçSistem

Smart Solutions, Digital Transformations


We add value for smart networks in our cities with sustainable and innovative solutions for the energy sector in areas such as smart meters, electricity, water and natural gas network management services, cloud computing, and big data and analysis.

KoçSistem has created a meter reading solution called Systemetriks which automatically reads meter data remotely, transfers data to a central system, verifies it, fills in missing data, stores data and presents it to interested parties in the desired format.


At KoçSistem, we think that extracting meaningful big data from inter-vehicle communication, secure traffic information, data from cameras, web content, social media, mobile location data and city sensors will add value to our cities. We share the vision of facilitating the lives of our citizens through our KoçSistem big data and analytical approach.

Mobility and Business Solutions

With the mobile technologies that constitute the infrastructure of all mega trends like the internet of things and cloud computing, city administrations can mobilize all business processes. With the Mobile Business Line product family, our goal is to be a reliable and strategic partner on your digital transformation journey by offering solutions that bring mobile and communication technologies together.


Attacks on management information systems are getting more complicated and disguised every day. With the development of technology, security threats are increasing in the digitalizing world, thus system, device and application security is becoming more important. At KoçSistem, we realize that our customers want to feel safe and that they will be able to allocate limited resources to do so. In this context, we have adopted the principle of providing holistic security solutions directed towards all the security needs that may be possible for city administration information systems with our expert team.

Technology Platforms

We provide services through our Istanbul and Ankara Data Centers to ensure that your infrastructure of information technologies works uninterruptedly and efficiently. With our experienced team of experts in their fields, we monitor your information systems 24/7 with a proactive approach, perform improvement work and intervene if necessary, and provide you with efficient working systems.

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