KoçSistem Agile Transformation

As KoçSistem, we started our agile transformation journey in 2018 in order to lead the change and adapt to the needs of both our industry and our customers as quickly as possible. In order to support this journey, which we first started with our KoçSistem R&D teams, in terms of both speed and efficiency, we established the Agile Studio team to lead our work and add a holistic perspective throughout the company.

By directing our work on Agile Maturity models, we took the development actions of Agile teams to support KoçSistem's systematic and scaled progress.

KoçSistem Agile Transformation Journey

With the Agile transformation, inter-departmental communication and team spirit come to the fore more than ever.

We aim to create value at a rising momentum with the Agile approach, which increases efficiency and creativity, and focuses on the experience of the customer by making the way of doing business agile. As KoçSistem, while continuing our competency-based trainings, we support the development, competency enhancement and sharing of our employees by adopting Chapter structures, which are competency-based horizontal formations.

With the Agile Contract Model, we changed the way we contract with our customers. By making frequent value deliveries with short-term contracts, we continue to work with the aim of adapting to the needs and maximizing the customer experience by adopting a more flexible structure instead of fixing the entire scope from the beginning.

By adopting the focus of continuous improvement, we provide transparency with metrics and make areas of development visible.

We consider technical agility and transformation from different perspectives with Event Storming and Value Stream Mapping approaches.

We find it more meaningful to interpret Agile Transformation as the transformation of each individual and business unit in the organization, and with this perspective, we consider the transformation vision and strategy in a comprehensive way.

In this direction, we continue our Agile transformation efforts under three main headings: "Organization", "Culture" and "Leadership".

Organization: We ensure the creation of Chapter structures aiming at Agile transformation management model, agile transformation in business units, agile performance management, measuring and increasing the maturity of agile teams, competence development and knowledge sharing between teams. In order to respond flexibly to changing needs, we include Kanban practices on our agenda, in addition to the Scrum framework. As Koçsistem, we aim to create enterprise-level agile models suitable for our needs.

Culture: As KoçSistem, we are aware that a real transformation will have a high impact only when it includes cultural transformation. We consider our cultural transformation activities in a perspective that will affect the entire organization. In this context, we provide trainings to our employees in order to increase the awareness and knowledge level of Agile work. With Agile Community, we organize events and exchanges that will spread agile information sharing in the organization.

Leadership: We are aware of the importance of the role of leaders in transformation. In this context, we hold agile leadership awareness sessions in order to realize the transformation in cooperation with the leaders. As KoçSistem, we support our leaders by sharing practices related to real-life applications of the agile leadership approach.