Digital Workforce - RPA

High efficiency with the right time

It is possible for your employees to devote more time to creativity, reasoning, coordination, communication, decision-making, and add value to your business. You can solve all your remaining repetitive operational tasks with high efficiency with KoçSistem Virtual Employee.

Faster, more accurate with Virtual Employee!

It is a structure that is designed to mimic the same kind of interaction that a person has with the software interface. With Virtual Worker, you get your work done faster, more costeffectively and with fewer errors.

Adaptation to All processes

Adaptation to All processes

You can easily locate the Virtual Employee for all kinds of back office or front office jobs that involve business units and technical units from human resources to customer services, dedicated service desk, system management to fault management.

Cloud-Based Easy Management:

• Provide service installation with easy integration with external sources
• You get rid of installation costs
• You can quickly access current versions

KoçSistem Security

KoçSistem Security

Active Support Services

• Support services provide effective support in all aspects of software
• You will have quick answers to all kinds of questions and requests, and if you encounter any problems, you will have a quick solution with our qualified support team

Pay As You Go Model
• You pay as you use Virtual Employees, and you get more jobs at a lower cost

KoçSistem Security

• You have the experience of KoçSistem, which has been leading the Digital Transformation of Large Institutions for 72 years, and you will apply your peace of mind with all the information that you have stored in the cloud environment in terms of KVK and Information Security with KoçSistem security

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