Invoice Data Capture (OCR)

Invoice Data Capture (OCR)

Invoice Data Capture (OCR)

In corporate life, many employees grapple with the piles of paperwork created by routine work under a heavy workload.

Endless working hours bring with it unhappy employees and human-induced mistakes that we encounter in routine work. So, can these processes be done better and more efficiently with less paper, human labor and time wastage?

With the Invoice Processing Solution with OCR and Deep Learning offered by KoçSistem, the texts on invoices and all other printed documents can be read and processed with high accuracy. While your processes become faster and more efficient, costs are reduced.

By integrating the data processed with the application easily with the ERP or CRM systems of the institution, invoice-based reconciliation and reporting can be prepared accurately and quickly, and new invoice types can be easily added to the system.

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, which are used in the infrastructure of the application, provide uninterruptedness in your business by scaling flexibly with cloud technology even in scenarios where system loads increase.

With the application, your employees who get rid of their routine workload can focus on the work that will add value to your institution. Thus, both employee engagement and digital transformation focus are supported.

Meet with KoçSistem's strong software infrastructure and competent technology team with professional experience in both application and maintenance layers to add value to your institution's business and use the OCR and Deep Learning and Invoice Processing Solution

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