Leasing Solutions - FinaLease

New generation enterprise management solutions

Provides a new generation enterprise management solution that can manage the life cycle of all leasing processes and quickly adapt to the changing and evolving needs of the industry.

End-to-End Effective Process Management

You can follow up the process of the leasing transactions from the proposal stage to the ownership
devaluation end-to-end, saving time by coordinating and triggering business processes and following
active SLAs.

adaptability and flexible solutions

adaptability and flexible solutions

Thanks to our parametric structure, you can easily adapt to changing accounting standards, IFRS, BRSA processes. Simultaneously expand your operational growth without incurring additional investment costs.

Basic Features of FinaLease

  • Easy integration
  • We provide infrastructure working with KKB, CBRT, Land Registry, Revenue Administration,Trade Registry Gazette and all e-Billing providers.
  • Scalable and flexible architectural design
  • Quick adaptation to legislative changes
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