Proactive approach to high efficiency

Specialized KoçSistem team monitors your network components, accessibility
and health values 24/7 with alarm pages customized for you in the monitoring system and reflected
on monitoring screens.

Widespread and quality service

Widespread and quality service

• Service to more than 100 corporate companies
• A competent engineer with proven expertise
• Single point of communication with many different channels
• Management and maintenance of the entire network and voice services giant companies in Turkey
• support service spread all over Turkey 

KoçSistem Network Service Packages

  • KoçSistem Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors your active networkdevices, your Internet service provider (ISP) lines and the applications of your network andproactively informs them.
  • Silver package additionally provides configuration management, inventorymanagement, capacity management, 3rd party relationship management and on-site support services.
  • In addition to the features included in all other packages; ISP Management, Datatraffic analysis (NetFlow), network component up-to-date status, network check-up and consultingservices.
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