Special Solutions

Special Solutions for Customer Needs

In order to meet the needs of companies that cannot be addressed with ready-made products, special solutions are developed based on their own needs. In addition, end-to-end solutions can be created by expanding the new products that customers are currently using or that can be positioned in accordance with their current needs, with special solutions.

End-to-end Service Perspective

KoçSistem offers solutions tailored to the needs of institutions, with its expert and professional staff. For KoçSistem, acting on a service notion from beginning to end, the special solution process begins with a scope analysis. Determining customer needs continues with the creation of the most suitable solution for the customer's needs. The most suitable software, hardware and systems are designed by the analysts with high industry experience.

Agile Processes

Agile Processes

Agile software development processes are used in KoçSistem, which has CMMI Level 3 certification. It is aimed to complete the developments in the fastest way with sprints planned in line with the priorities and needs of the customer, and solutions are put into use after the customer tests and start to produce outputs as soon as possible.

50 Years of Experience

50 Years of Experience

With its 50 years of experience in project development and high success rate, KoçSistem creates special projects for organizations, taking into account the values, needs and goals of the organization.

From industrial companies to the retail sector; KoçSistem has become the leading company in its field with its successful works from durable consumption to tourism, from car rental companies to financial organizations and has maintained its leadership in corporate solutions.

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