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About Maximus

Maximus, the leader of the Turkish enterprise cloud market, provides all the features of cloud computing to its users. KoçSistem's expert teams constantly follow up-to-date technologies and develop our infrastructure to support the latest cloud computing technologies.

Focus on Your Core Business Instead of IT

Focus on Your Core Business Instead of IT

With Maximus Cloud Services, KoçSistem not only provides services from our own cloud environments, but also establishes cloud infrastructures with desired features at the location of its customers. You focus on your core business instead of Information Technologies.

Service Range

Service Range

Maximus Enterprise Cloud: Developed for your critical systems and important applications.

Maximus Exa: Specially developed for your database and middleware applications.

HANA as a Service: It is tailored to meet the performance expectation from your SAP systems.

Maximus Hybrid Cloud: Platform and management services are provided for high efficiency management of hybrid cloud environments. Click for detailed information.

Maximus Container Platform: Speed, flexibility and efficiency are provided by container technology in application development and go-live processes. Click for detailed information.

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