Consultancy Services

Experience and Expanded Access

It is no longer as difficult as it used to be, to follow the changing technologies and to implement the new generation technologies. KoçSistem evaluates methodologies, creates the most suitable solution for you and provides end-to-end consultancy services for solutions for which you do not have adequate competence.

We are with you in every process

KoçSistem stands by you in every process with turnkey projects for more efficient use of hardware, software and/or services that make up the infrastructure of information technologies, and periodic on-site customer visits for system improvements.

Installation and implementation of new systems

Installation and implementation of new systems

Turnkey project works

Technology update and integration with existing assets

Optimization of systems & Health screening & Performance analysis

Data center, system and data migration

Data center inventory review and analysis

Business continuity analysis

New technology trainings and workshops

On-site support and periodic support service

Solution-Oriented Service Approach

Solution-Oriented Service Approach

With the technical information flow, proactive use is provided by accessing and implementing the original technology you need.

KoçSistem closely monitors and implements technology updates of infrastructure systems.

Experience and Expanded Access

A service portfolio that can be planned for every province of Turkey with KoçSistem's experience of more than 70 years and highly qualified consultant staff.

Latest Technology: The chance to keep up with new generation technologies and get on-site support with our technical expert staff

Business continuity: Business continuity is ensured at all times, thanks to the system improvements we carry out through our on-site and periodic services.

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