Management Services

Professional Solutions for All Systems

Configuration, monitoring, critical patch management, minor updates, system repair, system-based log tracking, user management and authorization, performance monitoring and improvement processes are performed for all systems.

• Operating System Management
• Messaging Management
• Database Management
• Middleware Management
• SAP Basis Management
• Virtualization Management

Our Service Approach

Our Service Approach

Increased Performance: KoçSistem knows what your systems need and focuses on the smooth operation of your system.

Efficient Systems: All the effort spent for high performance uninterrupted service is necessary and the considering return it is absolutely worth it. KoçSistem is ready to provide the same effort for you.

Uninterrupted Communication: With e-mail and integrated communication management services, KoçSistem will be your key to uninterrupted communication on the way to your business goals.

Broad Scope Solution Pool: Thanks to the various systems we encounter in our more than 200 managed service customers, we respond quickly to all kinds of problems with our team, which has experience in situations that can even be considered exceptional and has developed solutions for.

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