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Smart Digital Signage Solutions

Pixage gives you the freedom to create, manage and develop your screens exactly the way you want, create an unlimited number of groups depends on your city, region and similar needs, integrate your screens with iot devices easily by using our smart management tools.

KoçSistem Pixage has ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, 27001:2013 Information Security Management System, 22301:2012 Business Continuity Management System and 20000:2011 Information Technologies Service Management System certificates.

Wide Selection of Operating Systems.

Pixage supports major brands and platforms used in the digital signage market. Pixage provides you to obtain the most suitable solution for your needs with the lowest cost. You could manage a single platform or multiple platforms at the same time through a single content management system. In this way, you can freely create solutions without encountering platform limitations in line with the needs that may change or will occur during use.

Redesign the Customer Experience

Redesign the Customer Experience

We aim to make digital screens a part of our lives. Therefore, we transform your screens into smart platforms that can display content according to hundreds of scenarios depending on conditions. That way, you can show content on your screens depending on the person or situation.

End-to-End Solution and Support with Pixage

End-to-End Solution and Support with Pixage

All the services you need for digital signage are provided by Pixage. The services we offer in this context; Hardware sales, hardware, software and infrastructure installations, providing maintenance and support services, managing your screens, creating special content suitable for your brand.

  • Access from anywhere: Easily reach the Pixage management panel via PC, Tablet and Phone, with a user-friendly interface; you can manage your content anytime, anywhere.
  • Broadcast Schedule: You can schedule the content specified by the broadcast schedule to be broadcasted at the desired time and on the screen.
  • Player Grouping and Tagging: You can easily manage location and time-based content by separating your content into groups with tags.
  • Live Broadcast: You can display live broadcasts in HD quality
  • Social Media Integration: With Twitter and Instagram integrations, you can make your content more engaging.
  • Air, Currency, Road Status Integration: You can access the dynamic data such as exchange rate, road and weather via the system, you can add broadcast stream.
  • 4K Content Broadcast: You can make remarkable promotions with your high quality videos.
  • Multi-User Support: You can define as many profiles as you want with the authorization options.
  • Transition Effects between Content: With transition effects between templates you can make your broadcast flow noticeable.
  • Error Reporting: On-screen display and broadcasts are continuously provided on the system. A daily error report is sent when an error is encountered on the display and broadcasts. It can also be monitored at any time via the dashboard in the system.
  • Remote Software Update: Remote software update feature keeps your screens up to date at any time.
  • Emergency Management: You can activate your message for emergencies at the touch of a button.
  • Interactive Experience: With touch-based application and template triggering support, you can offer a much more engaging and interactive experience for your organization.
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