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Digital Transformation in Human Resources!

How about bringing people, who are the most important part of your company's digital transformation, into the game? With the corporate social network tool Businessline Workplace, employees are now more dynamic, more in touch and more mobile! Koçsistem Workplace is an interactive and digital corporate social networking platform that strengthens your internal communication and ensures that all employees stay in touch. Workplace provides increased collaboration among employees and creates a digital environment where employees can stay up to date with constant interaction; communicate with each other, and work either at the office or remotely.

KoçSistem Workplace has ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, 27001:2013 Information Security Management System, 22301:2012 Business Continuity Management System and 20000:2011 Information Technologies Service Management System certificates.

What can you do with the corporate social network Workplace?

With Koçsistem WorkPlace, you can access all the news in your organization and share with your company as you wish, and you can create groups for your projects and hobbies. With the messaging infrastructure, you can reach any person in your company either from the mobile application on your mobile phone or from your website. With the live event module, you can organize more interactive events and increase in-house interaction and communication. With the document sharing feature, you can share any document you want within your company without being stalled by e-mail quotas. Moreover, with the application integration, you can access all applications from within Workplace.

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Shortcut Access to Everything, Including Your Cell Phone!

Shortcut Access to Everything, Including Your Cell Phone!

Thanks to its mobile application, Koçsistem Workplace is positioned as one of the most effective tools for organizations to achieve their digital transformation goals faster with its flexible and agile working environment. Workplace, which you can also use as a mobile new generation intranet tool, is the gateway for all your company applications to the outside world. In addition, you can make all your announcements and social media postings within the organization, to the specified audience you want, and you can send instant notifications (push notification) to their phones.

RTÜK Prefers KoçSistem Workplace!

RTÜK chose KoçSistem Workplace to enable in-house communication for its 1,000 users in 4 different regions, and to digitize the employee experience by providing access to corporate applications and documents from a single place.

Eureko Sigorta Prefers KoçSistem Workplace!

Eureko Sigorta has replaced its legacy web-based intranet with the KoçSistem Workplace application to ensure the most effective internal communication!

Caspel LLC Prefers KoçSistem Workplace!

Caspel LLC, which provides services in the information technology sector in Azerbaijan and in 7 other countries including Europe, Russia and Turkey with nearly 300 employees, chose KoçSistem Workplace.

Netova Teknoloji Prefers KoçSistem Workplace!

Providing services in many different fields of Information Technologies, Netova Teknoloji chose KoçSistem Workplace to perform in-house communication quickly from anywhere.

Asis Elektronik Prefers WorkPlace!

Our main goals with this project are to increase loyalty by strengthening internal communication and to share employee and supervisor value proposition messages directly with the organization.

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