Smart Energy Management - Sistemetriks

Reduced Costs, Increased Gains

Automatic Meter Reading System is the fastest and most accurate way to collect and bill the meter information without the need to go to the subscriber location.

Advantages of SistemetrikKS

KoçSistem has created a meter reading solution called Sistemetriks, which automatically reads the meter data remotely, transfers the data to a central system, verifies, fills in the missing data, stores the data and present it to the respective parties in the desired format;

Fast and Accurate Solution

Fast and Accurate Solution

Remote Reading Service and Energy Data Management:

* Timely and accurate tracking of measuring points

* Feeding billing systems with consistent data

* Allowing subscribers to monitor their own consumption online

* Increased meter reading and service quality

* Provides solutions to your problems, reducing loss and theft.

Basic Privileges of Intelligent Energy Management-Systemetriks

  • Key Advantages of Smart Energy Management - Sistemetriks
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Instant detection of unauthorized interventions
  • Follow-up of sudden consumption changes
  • Determining the loss and theft rates by comparing the consumption values between the line and users
  • Determination of infrastructure needs with consumption data analysis of the region, planning of investments
  • Automatic meter on / off possibility Instant monitoring of electricity consumption of the subscribers in their scattered facilities in the field.
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