Remote Infrastructure Management

Your Operational Quality Is Under Constant Control

With Remote Infrastructure Management for the infrastructure sector in KoçSistem's Platform360 product family, allows you to keep your business continuity and quality under control by remotely managing your critical assets. It allows remote control of the status of the assets in the field, defining the workflows to determine the alarm conditions and conveyed to 3rd party systems when necessary.

Ease of Management in Critical Infrastructure

Allows remote monitoring and remote management and optimization for efficiency of critical infrastructures such as system room, GSM towers, petrol stations, relying on the collected data.

Manageable Customer Quality

Manageable Customer Quality

Manageable Customer Quality: Providing critical services in the main business lines with high reliability is key for customer satisfaction. Service quality can be continuously improved with instant monitoring and non-automated processes.

Specialization: Data that will generate inputs for decision support mechanisms are reported in accordance with the usage scenario and customer expectations.



Advanced Analytics: Optimizes usage with analysis on asset reliability, utility and efficiency by processing the collected historical and instant data, powered by advanced data analytics methods.

Integrated Business Processes: The monitoring system integrated with business processes, allows workflows arising from instant data to be managed.

Other Privileges

  • Advanced Analytics: By processing historical and instant data with advanced data analytics methods, usage is optimized with analyzes on asset reliability, utility and efficiency.
  • Integrated Business Processes: Workflows arising from instant data are managed with a monitoring system integrated with business processes.
  • Example Usage Scenarios : Provides system room monitoring, GSM tower management, ATM monitoring and cold chain monitoring services.
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