Content Control

ATP: Today, the simplest and most common method of malware infection is through e-mail. Anti-SPAM products, usually used in e-mail security, can capture previously detected harmful contents. It cannot analyze the dangerous web addresses shared in the e-mail content or any previously detected harmful contents. For example, when pests such as Cryptolocker-Lansomware were first released, many people and institutions could adversely affect them by surviving these guards. ATP safety ensures that an e-mail is analyzed on a virtual platform before reaching the recipient and the detection of bad contents in advance.

E-Mail Filtering: By preventing unauthorized e-mail (SPAM) traffic, it prevents damage to your company via e-mail.

Web / URL filtering: KoçSistem organizes your internet usage in line with the policies that your company will determine by preventing malware and unwanted content from websites. In this way, internet users in your company are provided to browse the internet safely.

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