End Point Security

Antivirus: One of the most common security threats is malware. In particular, in order to avoid a vulnerability in end -user devices, it has become critical to detect and neutralize these malicious software.

DLP: Nowadays, data companies are undoubtedly the most valuable assets of the companies. With the DLP solution, the unauthorized transfer of the current critical data of the institution within and outside the institution is prevented.

EDR: The managed EDR (Managed Endpoint Detection and Response) intervenes against events and data violations that may occur on extreme systems and prevents the formation of a malicious case, while providing detailed information and analysis of the situation with advanced architecture.

With the main components of monitoring, detection, collection and intervention in the managed EDR service, threats to systems are detected in a proactive manner and instant intervention and data leaks are prevented.

Pam: With the Pam, the privileged account management solution, it is ensured to increase the visibility of the authorized accounts in the institution, to scan and manage all accounts regularly. In addition, the safe registration of the sessions with PAM on the SQL Server, the intervention of live session, check, multi -factor authentication and desire for approval before the session, the role of defense and supervision against external threats are provided.

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