SOC and Safety Analytics

Correlation / Event Management (SIEM): It is our safety service that is managed by KoçSistem security experts, automatically informs the relevant persons and makes the necessary actions to take the necessary actions and produces alarm by detecting all abnormalities thanks to their smart rules.

OT SOC: KoçSistem OT SOC service covers the monitoring of the Customer's determination monitoring alarms for events in the industrial infrastructure of the Customer and the guidance of the customer against possible cyber attacks and guidance of the measures to be taken.

Soar: Many tools and manual processes are used for the protection of the data of the institutions, the determination of threats and the obstacle. SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation and Response, which is also used by KoçSistem SOC unit; Increasing the data diversity and amount of data in an institution, increasing the ability to intervene, facilitating the business processes, the procedures of a cyber security personnel to be manually faster and error -free in the automation environment, the integration of different security applications and services with each other, the detection of suspicious behaviors faster, notification/action removal time and the automatic of notifications.

SOC (7/24 Operation Center): In our KoçSistem Security Monitoring and Management Service, it is ensured that logs collected from all systems are correlated and analyzed 24/7 from a security perspective.

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