​ Preparing for the “New Normal” with Pixage

​  Preparing for the “New Normal” with Pixage

The coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic has affected our lives in every sense, from its social dimension to commercial and economic dimension. It is fair to say that there is almost no sector that remained unaffected by this epidemic, notably retail, education, health, transportation, tourism, and production. While there are sectors, which are impacted positively such as e-commerce, logistics, and telecom, the virus has impacted the general economy and our social life and now we see its inevitable effects on sectors and the economy.

In this period, new concepts such as “social distance” have entered into our lives. We have all learned how important personal hygiene is in the fight against the virus, and we do our best to teach everyone around us or to make sure they apply it correctly.

Because this time things are more difficult than ever, unfortunately.

The Importance of Regular and Accurate Information Flow

While many companies have switched to telecommuting and sent their employees home, there is a considerable number of companies that have to continue their activities in the field. In order for healthcare professionals or blue-collar personnel working on the production line to take care of their health perfectly while continuing their daily work routine, companies need to take as many precautions as, if not more than, their employees.

The creation of a correct consciousness and awareness is as important as the correct functioning of the information flow in this struggle. Companies that do not want to break communication with their employees working in the field have started to use various internal communication applications in this period. Or they try to contact their employees by adding more content to the applications they already use.

So, how will companies communicate with their employees, especially with blue-collar personnel, when this type of communication is not possible?

Digital Publishing Solutions

At this point, digital publishing solutions come up with the advantages they provide. It is very important to communicate with our employees in common areas such as production line, dining hall, etc. and to convey accurate and educational information to them especially in this period. These days when we cannot take the risk of "forgetting" to comply with the personal hygiene rules, it is only possible to create awareness and habit constantly by communicating the right message to the employees at the right points.

In today's world, where the agenda is changing rapidly, it is also critical to convey fast and accurate information to the field. Thanks to the many advantages and flexibility that digital publishing solutions such as Pixage provide to companies, a corporate communication manager who "has to work from home" can reach a blue-collar employee who "has to work in the field". S/he can do that within seconds and deliver the corporate message to all endpoints. In this way, it is also possible to reinforce the institutional commitment of the employees in the field and increase their sense of belonging.

Another sector that we will feel the importance of digital publishing, especially in the current pandemic period, is the health sector. In particular, digital publishing solutions provide great opportunities to ensure that especially patients who come to emergency rooms of hospitals are guided accurately to receive the services they need. At the same time, it is possible to increase the level of knowledge and contribute to a conscious society by providing accurate information.

New Normal?

At first, we talked about the new concepts that have entered our lives. Another concept that we learned during the pandemic period is the "new normal". Our future life does not seem to be very similar to the past one. We will have to get used to the "new normal" in every aspect and perform its requirements. Digital publishing will play a major role not only in the current period but also in the normalization process hereinafter. It is crystal clear that we will continue to benefit from digital publishing solutions in every field to continue to direct the awareness of society and employees in the right way.

Osman Gençoğlu - Senior Segment Marketing Manager

Release Date: 04.05.2020

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