Pandemic and Changing Technology Strategies

Pandemic and Changing Technology Strategies

Covid-19, which appeared ever so unexpectedly, has shown us how the digital world occupies a great place in our lives and how indispensable it has become in both our business and personal lives. Investments in the IT budgets of companies in various fields of activity have also played an important role in the increase of the value of the companies in this period, and also in doubling the awareness of digital transformation.

Over the years, we have participated in many panels and conferences and have read countless articles on the importance of digital transformation. We have always made some plans in our minds, implemented some of them, and had to postpone some others. Now we see very clearly that the elements that keep us and our businesses afloat today are the transformation projects that we have not postponed. During this work period, when many of our employees continue to work remotely, especially the following prominent topics have made us say, "We are glad having done it".

The companies that are located in data centers that provide 24/7 services instead of their own locations for installing their systems did not have to worry about infrastructure failure, access security, and remote intervention.

The companies that have provided widespread SSL VPN connections with their employees and kept the remote secure access infrastructure of the employees available have not compromised on the quality of service to their customers.

Especially the order-based e-commerce companies that have completed the container and microservice transformation did not have any problems with the increased workload.

The companies that integrate robotic processes into business life received full marks from their customers with the quality of support they provide at first-level support points. The companies which have automated a certain part of their work with an automation and orchestration perspective continued their operations without experiencing major problems. The companies that moved their infrastructures to new generation technological infrastructures did not have to face unexpected situations; on the contrary, they increased their flexibility with the features of new generation technologies.

Of course, these solutions stand out and come to mind first. We can give many more similar examples. However, when we look at the resulting table, we can see that the message to be received is clear. This pandemic period that we have experienced is perceived as a revolution in many areas, notably in the economy. One of the fields that will be revolutionized will without a doubt be the field of technology.

What about from now on?

The hottest topic on radio and television is what the future life has in store for us. We also discuss at length how we should change our lives from now on both as an individual and entity, and how we should set our priorities right. An indisputable issue is that social distance between people is the basic rule that must be maintained. This shows us that we will not be able to work together as crowded groups in our offices as we used to in the past and that remote working will be a part of our lives, either permanently or alternately. So, what direction does it give us in this transformation?

Data Center and Cloud Migration Will Increase: Companies providing corporate services will accelerate their plans to move the structures they keep in their own locations to data centers and the cloud. They will avoid both investing in new infrastructure and potential problems that may arise in situations that require 24/7 secure access and intervention. Multi-cloud usage will also be a part of this strategy.

Companies Will Reinforce and Expand Their E-Commerce Infrastructure: Considering that a high number of people have gotten used to ordering even bread through mobile applications in this process, we can safely claim that this habit will continue. In particular, the business of supplying local products to consumers will stand out. This will enable the growth of small businesses in the regions, as well as bolster the e-commerce and logistics infrastructure in Turkey and enable new breakthroughs in these sectors. The use of analytical infrastructures and campaign modules on e-commerce will rise to higher levels rather than store investments. We can expect the greatest digitization in this area.

Cybersecurity Measures Will Increase: As everything is digitalized, this will bring new cyber risks to the agenda. Another area where companies will invest the most will be the protection of companies and consumers from cyber-attacks.

Larger Network Bandwidths Will Be Used: In connection with all this, more communication network bandwidth will be required.

The Use of Robots and Automation Will Rise: With this change, the use of robots and automation processes will increase in both end-user support and system maintenance channels. As operational continuity will gain more importance, the use of these technologies in operations will be expanded.

Certainly, it is possible to increase the number of examples. Technology giants will certainly design many new technologies suitable for new living conditions. However, these will be the issues we need to prioritize and accelerate as we start the normalization process. Let's share a foresight; we believe that the use of digital currencies, which everyone has been wondering when their use will increase, will start gradually. This means that blockchain technology will soon be knocking on our door.

Stay healthy.

Burcu Altıntaş - Data Center Group Manager

Release Date: 30.04.2020

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